Nanneer is a registered public charitable trust operating under The Indian Trust Act 1882 (Registration number 95/2018). Our unwavering commitment lies in fostering water sustainability and now expanding our horizons to encompass comprehensive climate mitigation efforts.
As a non-profit organization, our foundation is built upon the shared objective of advocating for water sustainability and contributing to climate mitigation strategies. Our diverse team comprises dedicated professionals hailing from various disciplines, including Engineering, Technology, Management, Education, Psychology, Counselling, Community Service, and Rural Development.
Rooted in the principles of social responsibility, Nanneer strives to inspire individuals and communities to embrace water sustainability as an integral part of their core values. With our established expertise and passion, we are stepping beyond our original mission to actively engage in activities that align with climate mitigation, broadening our impact and effectiveness.
By incorporating climate mitigation initiatives into our mission, we are taking a holistic approach to address the interconnected challenges of water scarcity and climate change. We are excited to leverage our collective knowledge and experience to drive positive change in both local communities and the larger global context. Join us on this journey as we work towards a more sustainable and resilient future for all.



Nanneer's Comprehensive Approach to Sustainability At Nanneer, our journey towards water sustainability has taken a transformative step forward. Building upon our core mission, we are excited to announce our strategic expansion to encompass comprehensive climate mitigation efforts, aligning our initiatives with the urgent need to address the interconnected challenges posed by water scarcity and climate change.


Drawing from our expertise as a registered public charitable trust under The Indian Trust Act 1882 (Registration number 95/2018), we are amplifying our impact through a range of tangible activities that drive positive change. While our foundation remains rooted in water sustainability, we now venture into the realm of climate mitigation with a unified and determined approach.


Our ongoing initiatives, including Water Smart Schools and Recharge Wells, have already paved the way for effective water conservation. We are immensely proud of these accomplishments, and now, we are ready to embrace an even more expansive vision.


Green Infrastructure Development: Nurturing biodiversity through green spaces, urban gardens, and green roofs, fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature.
Waste Management Solutions: Spearheading recycling, composting, and plastic reduction initiatives for cleaner environments and oceans.
Public Awareness Campaigns: Educating communities about the profound connection between water sustainability, climate change, and collective action.
Collaborative Partnerships: Joining forces with like-minded entities to magnify our impact and reach, fostering a network of change agents.
Research and Innovation: Pioneering cutting-edge solutions through research and innovation, addressing water scarcity, efficient resource management, and climate adaptation.
Community Workshops and Training: Empowering communities with essential skills in sustainable practices, enabling them to drive local change.
Carbon Footprint Reduction: Demonstrating our commitment through carbon footprint reduction strategies within our own operations.
Ecosystem Restoration: Engaging in restoration projects for vital ecosystems, contributing to improved water management and climate resilience.
Community Engagement and Participation: Fostering inclusive decision-making by involving communities in all aspects of our initiatives.